Strategic CFO Course: Shaping the Future of Finance Leadership

IGBF & FInCity, a Kigali-based advisory firm, proudly hosted an intensive five-day Strategic CFO Course in Banjul, focusing on key areas like strategy, risk management, leadership, corporate governance, and trending matters. This event marked a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing the expertise of financial leaders.

Attended by Finance Managers, CFOs, Treasurers, and other Executives, the course catered to professionals from diverse sectors such as banking, energy, and industries. The curriculum was crafted to equip these leaders with the latest tools and insights necessary to navigate the complex landscape of modern finance.

The event’s highlight was the participation of Senior Executives and CEOs from Gambia, Dubai, and Nigeria as our esteemed guest speakers. Their global perspectives and experiences brought invaluable depth to the discussions, offering participants a unique learning opportunity.

Our facilitators, renowned for their deep knowledge and exceptional facilitation skills, ensured active engagement throughout the sessions. Participants praised the dynamic and enjoyable learning process, enriched by interactive exercises, group discussions, and hands-on activities. This approach enhanced their understanding and fostered a collaborative and immersive educational environment.

Positive Feedback and Impact

We are thrilled to share the feedback from our attendees, who commended the course for its relevance and impact. The practical application of concepts and strategies discussed during the course has empowered them to contribute significantly to their organizations.

Future Prospects

Encouraged by the success of this course, IG Business and Finance plans to continue offering this program biennially. We are committed to continually evolving our training to include the most current and impactful topics in finance leadership.

Join Us on Our Next Journey

Are you a finance professional looking to elevate your career to the next level? Stay ahead of the curve by joining our upcoming programs. For more details about our courses and to register your interest for future sessions, please get in touch with IG Business and Finance.

Embark on a transformative journey with us and redefine what it means to be a leader in the financial world.


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