• Diverse Expertise, Unified Excellence At IGBF, our strength lies in the rich tapestry of experiences and skills brought together by our team of [...]
  • At IGBF, we specialize in elevating your financial acumen through our comprehensive training and consultancy services—partner with us to unlock your potential in various [...]
  • We are finance professionals and we are based in Africa. We know the challenges affecting young finance professionals and small businesses in Africa. And we are helping [...]

Updates & Articles

  • IG Business and Finance (IGBF) is proud to share our successful venture into the bakery industry in 2022, where we undertook extensive research and business plan preparation for a promising startup. This project highlighted our dedication to nurturing new businesses and our expertise in translating [...]
  • IG Business and Finance (IGBF) is excited to announce our recent engagement with an innovative startup in the financial market industry. Our team was tasked with a critical role in the startup’s journey – developing a comprehensive financial model, updating the business plan, and [...]
  • IG Business and Finance (IGBF) is proud to have conducted a specialized Finance Career Management Workshop for the finance department of Yayeh Financial, a distinguished player in the foreign exchange and transfer bureau sector across The Gambia, the UK, and other countries. This bespoke training, [...]
  • In October 2023, IG Business and Finance (IGBF) joined forces with the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industries (GCCI) to embark on a transformative journey, empowering women in business. This collaboration focused on a specialized training program to enhance the financial management skills of 15 [...]
  • IGBF & FInCity, a Kigali-based advisory firm, proudly hosted an intensive five-day Strategic CFO Course in Banjul, focusing on key areas like strategy, risk management, leadership, corporate governance, and trending matters. This event marked a significant milestone in our commitment to [...]