Excel Training for Accountants – A Resounding Success!

Excel for accountants Banjul

IG Business and Finance concluded an enriching five-day training session on Microsoft Excel for Practical Application in Finance and Accounting. This event brought together a diverse group of professionals, creating an environment ripe for learning and professional growth.

Our training was meticulously designed for accountants from various esteemed organizations, including banks, the Central Bank, and the Ministry of Finance of The Gambia. The sessions were tailored to enhance their proficiency in Excel, focusing on its practical application in finance and accounting. This hands-on approach ensured that each participant could directly apply these skills in their workplace.

We were honored to have Mr. Mustapha Njie, the esteemed Group CEO of Taf Global, and Alieu Jobe, the Finance Director of GNPC, grace the event as our guest speaker. His insights and expertise added immense value to the training, inspiring participants with cutting-edge industry knowledge and practical wisdom.

The in-person format of the event facilitated interactive learning, allowing participants to engage directly with experts and peers. This setup fostered a collaborative environment where ideas were exchanged and practical problems were solved collectively.

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