Diverse Expertise, Unified Excellence

At IGBF, our strength lies in the rich tapestry of experiences and skills brought together by our team of seasoned professionals. Each member is a maestro in their respective field, having carved a niche in various sectors of the financial world.

A Symphony of Skills Across Sectors

  • Commercial and Investment Banking: Our team members are adept in the intricate workings of commercial and investment banking, with insights drawn from years of hands-on experience across Sub-Saharan Africa & MENA region.
  • Audit and Assurance: Rigor and precision define our approach to audit and assurance, honed through extensive practice in this critical field.
  • Oil and Gas Finance: With deep knowledge of the oil and gas sector’s financial landscape, our experts bring invaluable perspectives to the table.
  • Taxation Expertise: Navigating the complex web of taxation, our professionals offer clarity and strategic solutions.
  • Training and Development: We believe in sharing our knowledge, and our training programs across Sub-Saharan Africa are a testament to this commitment.
  • Boardroom, corporate governance, and strategy: Our team has expertise in capital raising, corporate finance, and strategy, with experience in the boardroom and large corporate governance matters.

Local Roots, Global Reach

IGBF is not just about individual expertise; we are about collaborative strength. We have cultivated a network of local, regional, and international partners, ensuring our advisory and training services are of unmatched quality and relevance. This network allows us to blend localized insight and global best practices.

Our Commitment to You

Our team at IGBF is dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service. We combine our diverse backgrounds, expertise, and insights to offer you tailored, effective solutions in the dynamic world of finance.